Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekend cooking

Plans for cooking this weekend include:
Trying to make a Benihana style fried rice for lunch today when Dave gets home from work (inspired by my brother, Matt.  He made some delicious fried rice when they were here last month).
Tonight may try to make some wild mushroom fajitas made with shittakes from the Farmer's Market. 
Also bought a bunch of tomatoes & cucumbers at the Wednesday Farmer's Market, so I am going to whip up some of my delightful cucumber & tomato salad. 
Other weekend cooking will depend in large part on what looks good at the FM(henceforth, let's refer to the Farmer's Market as 'FM'...we have given it a code name!  How clandestine.)  in the morning.  I may get some beef from the beef folks or, pork from the Berkshire pork folks.  We bought some peppered bacon from them a couple weekends ago - Dave & I agreed, it was the best bacon we had ever laid mouth on!  There's also some seafood guys who have been there every weekend, if I feel adventerous I may buy some seafood for tomorrow night.  I'm  not as comfortable cooking seafood as I am other foods, probably because I am a relatively new eater of seafood & am quite particular about the fishes & other sea creatures that I eat. 
I really like the flaky whitefishes...halibuts, groupers, tilapias.  I cannot eat salmon - it's too oily & fishy for me.  I absolutely can't stand tuna salad, but, on our wedding night, Dave & I went to Blue Fish in Cooper Young; Dave had their black & white sesame tuna, which I had a bite of & suprisingly, really liked it.  It was rich & flavorful but not fishy.  And, I didn't have any 'texture issues', which I frequently have with fish & meats.  I do love me some scallops, but I don't think the seafood guys at the Saturday market have ever had those available.
So, we shall see what foody goodness awaits the Phillips household on this September weekend.  I will say that I am planning a dessert for Dave, it is a surprise, so I can't say what it is, but it's from a Jamie Oliver cookbook.  Will let y'all know how it goes over....
Y'all enjoy your weekends & let me know if you make anything yummy!

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